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Great Horror T-Shirts for Halloween

October has been incredible for t-shirt sales ahead of Halloween, and as we previously planned to launch a new Horror Collection to celebrate our favourite slasher movies.

We've printed these tees on super soft style materials and have taken a unique Project Rebel Clothing approach to the new collection designs.

Below, you can view the entire collection in one place, showcasing t-shirts celebrating iconic Horror villains such as Ghost Face, Bride of Chucky, Jason and more.

Halloween T-Shirts

We've seen Michael Myers terrorise Haddonfield since 1979 and he hasn't stopped yet; with three timelines, over ten movies, and two incredibly gruesome Rob Zombie remakes under his belt, Michael Myers from Halloween was the perfect horror villain to find himself on one of our iconic t-shirts.


The Shape Halloween T-Shirt
Price: £23.99

This alternative style t-shirt based on the original Halloween movie replicates the movie's iconic poster phrase, twinned with the use of 'The Shape' moniker utilised throughout the franchise. This Halloween t-shirt is super soft and stylish and has a unique illustration that fits perfectly on an alternative-style graphic t-shirt.

Haddonfield's Halloween
Price: £23.99

An alternative to our previous Halloween t-shirt, our latest version represents Michael Myers and his journey from child to adult in the original Halloween movie with this tattoo-inspired t-shirt. Unlike most products, this style is tailored to the tattoo clothing brand style and showcases Michael Myer's iconic mask and the Project Rebel Clothing logo. This printed graphic t-shirt offers a premium soft style feel and great print quality.

Camp Crystal Lake Social Club
Price: £23.99

A tribute to Mrs Voorhees's baby boy, Jason Voorhees reigned terror over Camp Crystal Lake, bringing campers to their untimely demise. Our Crystal Lake Social Club alternative t-shirt is inspired by Friday the 13th. It is the perfect addition to our Horror-themed clothing, bringing you a unique horror design and superior comfort to your next Halloween party outfit.

We look forward to sharing with you part two of our Horror Collection, explicitly released for Halloween. We'll call it a sequel. 

We'll be right back...