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How to wash your Graphic Printed T-Shirt

How to wash your Printed Graphic T-Shirt without ruining it!

As consumers, we’ve owned a wealth of printed graphic t-shirts, including band t-shirts, alternative t-shirts, and products from new alternative clothing brands in the UK.

Naturally, different inks, product types and clothing styles have a varied lifespan due to the quality of print, material and how you take care of and wash your graphic printed t-shirts.

So, because we love our motley crue, the Project Rebel Clothing team share three effective ways of ensuring your printed graphic t-shirt doesn’t lose its original quality.

1. Inside out is the right side!

Washing your garment inside out will help protect and preserve the ink and material. This will also help prevent any potential damage to the printed side of the t-shirt, such as buttons and zips, whilst churning in the washing machine. 

2. Cold Wash!

To reduce the damage from the high temperatures washing machines operate, we always recommend a cold wash for any graphic printed t-shirts. Plus, a cold wash can help you reduce your energy bills and environmental impact!

3. Hang Dry Your Garment!

Using a tumble dryer can have a similar impact as a hot wash due to the temperature inside the drum. We suggest you air dry your graphic tees and products once your wash has finished to help extend their quality and life.

These methods are tried and tested to help you extend the life of your printed graphic t-shirts to keep your wardrobe looking top form. 

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