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Spotify Playlist: 02 - Be Mine Mixtape

We've been working hard to produce new designs for you lovely lot, and we aim to add more diverse styles into the fold. Why? Because there's plenty of room in an alternative clothing brand for more than just black-and-white designs.

More colour, more emotion, and more vibe are what we're aiming for, and we challenge you with a better way to dig deep into your emotions than your past love losses.

So as a treat, we've put together thirteen of our favourite tracks you can pop onto a 'Be Mine Mixtape' and stand outside your ex's house, playing each song on max volume as you text them 'come back plz bby.'

This link will take you to your new love language on Spotify.

We'll be adding more unique alternative-style t-shirts, hoodies and more to our expanding range of alternative clothing soon.