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How much should printed graphic t-shirts cost?

Another blog post by your favourite bearded crew. We’ve been trying to gather content from which our site users would benefit.

Since joining the alternative clothing scene, we’ve noticed a natural variation in cost across a range of products, and as part of setting up our business, we naturally researched brands within the alternative fashion space to help us ascertain a fair price point! 

So, with that said, settle in, get yourself cosy, and make yourself a hot choccie and cosy as we dissect how much printed graphic t-shirts should cost in 2023.

With the cost-of-living crisis in 2023, we understand purse strings have been tighter than ever – this is a catch-22 as this also means businesses put their prices up to also account for this. This effectively alienates the shopper due to the high price point but also reduces sales for the business. No one wins, right?

We’ve deep-dived ten different alternative clothing brands that all provide printed t-shirt products inspired by tattoo culture, pop punk culture or alternative culture.

Full disclosure, the team are all a fan of these brands and feels a lot of these have changed the game in fair pricing products compared to more prominent brands in the market.

This is so we can gauge an average to help you budget more effectively when shopping for your next alternative t-shirt showstopper.


 Brand Material Price
Fake Heroes Co 100% Combed Cotton £22.95
P&Co 100% Soft Cotton £30.00
Project Rebel Clothing 100% Combed Cotton £21.99
SOS Clothing 100% Combed Cotton £23.99 - £24.99
HoboJack 100% Combed Cotton £25.00 - £32.00
High Dive Apparel 100% Soft Cotton £38.00 - £39.00
Hit or Miss Clothing 100% Cotton £22.99
StayCold Apparel 100% Cotton £36.00 £38.00
Modern Streets Apparel 100% Cotton £28.99
DayDweller Clothing Ultra Cotton £29.95


What a list! Naturally, we've included ourselves as a new brand in the breakdown to help ascertain pricing against established uk alternative clothing brand giants such as HoboJack and High Dive Apparel. 

On average, across all ten brands, an alternative style printed t-shirt costs £29.06.

What does this mean for the consumer? These brands offer great value for money, and the UK remains to provide the coolest and most cost-effective alternative t-shirts.

Got a spare minute? Check the brands out; they're great with some killer creative designs. Want to see more of Project Rebel's T-Shirt collection? Click here to shop now.